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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A dismal review of Nolan's Dunkirk: Fortune’s fickle wheel: lessons from Dunkirk | The New Criterion

Fortune’s fickle wheel: lessons from Dunkirk | The New Criterion:

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  1. Nolan's 'Dunkirk' is visually gorgeous, and you should see it, but beware: it's a work of our time - technically marvellous, but historically clueless. Here's a review apparently as historically vapid as the film itself. "For a few tense days, the fate of Europe lay in the hands of a new Prime Minister, a few hundred boats, and a handful of clunky Spitfires." is a quick sampling of this nonsense. Apparently, the strategy of Viscount Gort, the formidable but flawed Field Marshall V. Rundstedt (you know - the Germans - who don't seem to appear in the film but whom were admirably clear about their purposes in the war) or the sacrifice of French units down from Sedan don't merit a mention, either in the film, or with this reviewer (who also should learn something about the merits of the RAF fighter). For all that, I dare you not to choke up a bit as the little ships come over the horizon to the rescue, to the strains of techno-Elgar.